After Samuel finished his epic unicycle ride around Oz, Love Your Sister was bombarded with offers from travel companies wanting to do cause-related trips. Samuel was suspicious, very tired from a year on the one-wheeler and consequently reluctant to take any meetings on the issue.

The gang at Chimu Adventures found his achilles though and Samuel found himself reluctantly impressed by their record of community service. It helped too that one of his idols, Andrew Denton, had travelled several times with Chimu on cause-related trips and raved about the experiences.
Chimu explained that through berth sales and onboard fundraising, Love Your Sister could stand to raise 100K for medical research off the 12-day trip. Samuel shook on it and “Epic Antarctica” was born.

About 80 people boarded the MW Ushuaia in March 2017. Samuel insisted that his other sister Hilde come with him to Antarctica “to help make up for the years we lost while I was helping build Love Your Sister”.
The voyage was enjoyed in true village spirit. About a dozen ‘Antarcticans’ raised over 10K amongst their personal networks for their ‘polar plunges’. Over 10K was collected through the auction on the last night.

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And what’s a trip to Antarctica without a nudie run? There was no shortage of Antarcticans willing to bare their bum for the cause on the mainland, and it made a difference too - this pic reached well over 1 million feeds on Bookface.
Love Your Sister has two goals, essentially. Firstly, to bring our villagers together in a meaningful, positive way. Secondly, to raise a shitload for medical research. Chimu’s ‘Epic Antarctica’ did just that, and then some. The only question to come out of it...

When’s the next one?!

We don’t know where, we don’t know when, but we’re pretty sure another adventure is on the cards. Email Samuel personally and he’ll bung you on a list and make sure that you’re the first to know. samuel@loveyoursister.org
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