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In 2017, just months before she passed away, Connie Johnson came up with a magical fundraising idea . . . to create the largest, twinkliest love-heart the country had ever seen, filled to the brim with five cent coins. 


50 million coins later, Connie’s idea was an epic success, raising a whopping $2.57M for cancer research!

And now, in homage to Connie’s ‘Big Heart’ project, we are again in search of five cent pieces, and we’d be chuffed if all the schools in the land could help us out by hosting their very own Five Cent Friday fundraiser.

The beauty of the Five Cent Friday campaign is that there are no fundraising minimums or expectations and Love Your Sister will pass on 100% of all the money you raise to medical researchers!


LYS passes 100% of the Five Cent Friday donations we receive to Australia’s Zero Childhood Cancer Program. Why? Because ZERO is one of the most comprehensive personalised medicine programs for children with cancer in the world!


Your 5 cent pieces will help enhance the ZERO Program, to one day give every child diagnosed with cancer in Australia a personalised treatment plan for their individual cancer.


  • Getting started is easy!  Just register below and then check your email – we’ll send you a ‘Five Cent Friday’ pack with everything you’ll need to get your fundraiser up and running, including instructions for setting up your online fundraising page - where the school community can make individual donations remotely and watch as your fundraising total grows in the lead up to the school’s official heart-filling event date.

  • Make every Friday a ‘Five Cent Friday!’
    Encourage your students to burrow around at home and collect any pesky five cent coins during the week and bring them in every Friday.  Create a secure coin collection area at the school for them to empty their cancer vanquishing loot into.


  • Have some fun!!  Invite your community to join in by including a crazy sock day, casual dress day, cake stall or sausage sizzle (or whatever floats your noodle!) to help get those five cent pieces flowing! 

  • On your Five Cent Friday event day.  Create your big heart by marking out the shape somewhere on the school grounds (an oval or tennis court for instance) and filling it with all the coins your community has collected!

  • Be sure to take heaps of photos!  Samuel will want to see what you get up to!  Email your best pics to


  • Deposit the coins into your bank account and transfer the total amount raised to your schools' online fundraising page.

  • Tell your community how much you raised!​​

  • Watch the letterbox for your schools’ personalised certificate from Samuel to say thanks for being awesome!

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