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Slighty past Best Before Date - 2021 by Samuel Johnson Calendar

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Best laid plans, right … I always imagined myself behind the lens, and somehow ended up in front of one for most of my life.
A few years back my head was wonky and my heart was wobbly. A friend asked me where my curiosity had gone. My love for photography was reborn. I began looking outward again and learnt that beauty is abundant to those with a curious eye.
My heart started wobbling less and my head stopped being so pesky. This project is extremely personal to me, as it represents my recovery from hard-core hopelessness, so thank you for helping me in my quest to cure cancer and remain curious. Now Slightly Past Best-Before date, obvs.
  • Size when closed - w. 210mm x h. 210mm
  • Size when open - w. 210mm x h. 420mm

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