Everyone needs a little help from their friends, and these are ours.  #goteam! #vanquishcancer


Scott, Fran, Jeffrey and the rest of the family at Avan are super excited to provide Samuel with his luxurious home away from home, the beautiful Ovation M5 Motor Home. As if that wasn’t enough, they also came up with a stonkingly terrific Golf Savannah 584 Caravan.

Samuel and the team are so comfy out there on the road they’re thinking about staying out there for good!

Click here to watch a time lapse video of Samuel's Motor Home being built.


Legends on and off the road, Vdub Berwick kicked in the beast of an Amarok V6 4x4 Samuel needed to tow his caravan.

Not only that, but they’ll gift the road crew a $500 fuel voucher for every car they sell until the end of 2019 if you make sure to tell the team that Samuel sent you!


Michael and Billie from Trailers Only took on the impossible and turned a little sketch on a napkin into our adorbs new Mobile Market, custom built to vanquish cancer. If you see it out on the road stop by and take a look at their amazing creation, and maybe give it a cuddle. It really is that cute!


Dion Beasley is a dead-set champ. He made a few wonky choices when he was younger and fixed his act up in a way that Samuel truly admires. Samuel busts a gut for his supporters, but he’d damn near take a bullet for Dion, who has been there for him since the birth of Love Your Sister, meeting all of our considerable printing needs along the way.

If you need any printing done, please consider Print Design Australia because they care about more than just the bottom line.


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