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Do you want to create an online fundraising page to collect donations for Love Your Sister from family, friends & colleagues?

Perfect for celebrating personal milestones, significant events or undertaking challenges such as completing a marathon or shaving off all your hair!!

Click here to create your page.

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In homage to Connie’s ‘Big Heart’ project, we are again in search of five cent pieces, and we’d be chuffed if all the schools in the land could help us out by hosting their very own Five Cent Friday fundraiser.

Register your school here


These cute AF boxes come preloaded with 6 of our most popular fundraising items, ready to turn any counter-top or fundraiser into a mini Love Your Sister Pop-Up Market. YAY!

Get one here!

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Do you want to host a live event to raise money for Love Your Sister?​

Perhaps you're thinking of hosting a trivia night, gala dinner, morning tea, auction, raffle or group activity? 

Whether you’ve got big dreams or a big idea, hit us up here and let’s dance!

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Wanna become a supporting partner? 


We’d love to team up with your business or employer to find fun, innovative ways to support
Love Your Sister.



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Would you like Samuel Johnson to visit your workplace?

Register your interest here

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It's raffle time!  We love this raffle.  You stand to win $250k in prizes - half of the ticket price goes to Love Your Sister, half goes to the prize pool! 


Whether you buy tickets, sell tickets or become an auto-play subscriber - there’s no better way to support Love Your Sister and get the chance to win big!​

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Workplace giving allows staff to donate a portion of their pre-tax salary to Love Your Sister through your payroll system. Your company might even choose to match employee donations to double the impact.

Tell us about your business here and we'll be in touch.

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It’s statistically proven that if you buy stuff and it goes to a good cause it like, fully makes you feel heaps better by like heaps of percent. 


Browse through all our rad stuff here.

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