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Our Play for Purpose Community Raffle has been a huge success having raised over $1.5 million while our Villagers have also WON another $1.5 million in prizes, including the major prize 3 times!

Tickets are just $10, with a minimum of $5 from every ticket supporting our efforts to vanquish cancer! It's WIN-WIN-WIN! 

Selling tickets on our behalf is a fast and simple way to make a difference. 


Step 1 - Click here to become a Champion

Enter your name and a few personal details, together with a photo and the reason you are fundraising. The more effort you put into telling your story the more effective the page will be :-)


Step 2 - Tell your family, friends and the world what you're doing, and why!

They don't call you a champion for nothing! Time to get your story (and raffle link) out there via social media or email, and maybe you'll make someone's dreams come true!


Bonus Points - Get active in the community

Go the extra mile and sell tickets within your local school, church or community groups, or person to person. Tell them what you're doing and how you could change their lives if they won $250,000 first prize!

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