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I wouldn't normally need to explain how a scarf works, but these scarves are extra Clever!

Warm up your chilly neck or hide that unsightly hickey by following these simple steps:

1. Place middle section of scarf at the back of your neck. Allow the two ends to fall forward over your shoulders.
2. Locate the scarf end without the LYS logo. Have a close look - there's a loop in the middle. Place your hand through the loop.
3. Use your free hand to grasp the logo end of the scarf and pass it to your loop hand.
4. Pull the logo end through the loop.
5. Don't let go yet.
6. Use the hand now holding the loop to push the scarf up toward your face while the other hand guides the logo end downwards.
7. Adjust snugness* to create optimal warmth and happiness :)

* Loosen scarf if unable to breathe. Also, don't worry, you didn't do it upside down. We put logos on both sides in case you messed it up.

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