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Farmer Sam's Farm!

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I get up at the crack and have me some toast. Today the toast was exhausted. ‘Butter the toast. Eat the toast. Shit the toast. God! Life is relentless.’ The toast wasn’t having a good day so I ate it. With the right slathering of vegemite and a piece of plastic cheese.

Then, after enjoying my Hydralyte pop, I toiled the field and, finally, the new crop ripened. It’s not limitless. I don’t have 1000 acres or anything. But there was genuine yield, no two ways about it.

Let there not be any confusion. It’s not just veggies now. Let’s just say various things came to light. Like a Cranky Ghost, in the middle of the night, a Queen Bee that is clearly that and a noble Pilot Pig that says ‘If pigs can fly, so can you - think positive’. I won’t rabbit on, but there’s a Happy Rabbit too. And I swear there’s a Heart, cross my heart and hope to die.

Anyhoosers, I had no idea that you’d love fruit and veggies as much as me and this gorgeous new crop will bring the smile, which, in turn, makes me a happy camper.


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