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Z_ARCHIVE_Free Curly Wurly

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I need a favour - a really big favour. AND I’m willing to offer bribes in the form of Curly Wurlys! It’s up to you.

1. Get every device in the house (TV, phones, tablets, whatever*) and set them up to watch ‘The Hospital: In The Deep End’ on

2. Once you’ve got them going, claim your free Curly Wurly. You get one Curly Wurly for every device you streamed on!

I want it to rate off the charts, you reckon you can help me?

*You don’t have to watch the show if you’re not up for it yet, just let the devices stream the show and you can read a book or pat your iguana instead.

So… all in or fold. Let’s be honest - it’s a blatant bribe. There are rare occasions where this must be. It’s my biggest and last resort.

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