My Life & Other Catastrophes

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A journal all about YOU!
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This book is all about you.

"My Life and Other Catastrophes" is the ultimate keepsake, a time capsule of your life, created by Dez Stallard & Samuel Johnson. This guidebook will help forever record what you wanted from life, what you got right and also what you got horribly wrong [gasp]. Dive head-first into your brain's hippocampus and reflect on topics such as:
  • 'The Best Things I Ever Did',
  • 'What I'm Proudest Of',
  • 'The Dumbest Things I Ever Did',
  • 'That time I was naughty',
  • 'My most perfect wonderful day',
  • 'Skills I Can't Believe My Parents Never Taught Me',
  • and many more!

This is the place for all of your memories, whether they be fondly treasured, long-forgotten, or heavily suppressed.

We’ve all got a story. Ponder deeply and wander through memories, rummage through photos, dust off an old diary or read letters and cards from long lost friends. Keep it handy, you never know when you’ll recall a little gem of something special which needs to be immortalised on paper.

This journal has even been picked up by well-being professionals to help their fellow humans, some as young as 13, to walk down tricky roads with the confidence to be themselves.

"My Life and Other Catastrophes" - Where your true self lives.

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