My Life & Other Catastrophes

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A journal all about you!
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This book is all about you.

"My Life and Other Catastrophes" is the ultimate keepsake, a time capsule of your life, created by Dez Stallard & Samuel Johnson. This guidebook will help forever record what you wanted from life, what you got right and also what you got horribly wrong [gasp]. Dive head-first into your brain's hippocampus and reflect on topics such as:
  • 'The Best Things I Ever Did',
  • 'The Dumbest Things I Ever Did',
  • 'What I'm Proudest Of',
  • 'Skills I Can't Believe My Parents Never Taught Me',
  • and many more!

This is the place for all of your memories, whether they be fondly treasured, long-forgotten, or heavily suppressed.

Face yourself. Tell your story.
"My Life and Other Catastrophes" - Where your true self lives.

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